Buzzword is a Buzzword – Episode 38

Buzzword is a Buzzword – Episode 38

Buzzword is a Buzzword

In this episode, Matt is back and joins Ricky to discuss how to make a buzzword a reality and other ed tech stories of the week.


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Computational Thought over Programming –

Make Magazine calls for education to stop teaching programming and start teaching computational thought. The article explains that computational thought is something more important than coding or coding languages. It asserts that learning computational thoughts like conditional statements, iterative loops, and functions are the base for all programming. Not only are they the foundation of programming but graphic art, music, and even minecraft building as well. Essentially the article is saying that picking a programming language or coding should not be the first step. Learn to code has been a buzzword of late and this helps remind us there is something important behind coding.

Southern Utah University Music Technology Masters Degree –

From Southern Utah University we learn that they are launching a music technology masters degree. Very interesting in light of our previous article as computational thinking, no doubt, would play a huge part in this degree path as well. This degree program is the first of its kind in Utah. While it is far from the first in the country, other schools such as NYU and Georgia Tech, among others have these programs… it does further the concept of an industry that has been slow to adapt moving forward. The program has tracks including performance and studio technology and is a 30 credit hour program.

A Buzzword and ed tech go hand in hand –

Ed Surge explains how to make ed tech buzzwords more substantive. I think all of us who work with Ed Tech realize just how easy it is to get caught up in buzzwords. This article gives tips to make a buzzword become something more.

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