On CUE – Episode 60 – Ed Tech Weekly

On CUE – Episode 60 – Ed Tech Weekly

On CUE – Episode 60 – Ed Tech Weekly


In this episode, Kristy is on location at CUE and joins Ricky to discuss the conference and, as always, the ed tech news of the week.

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Ed Tech News Run Down:

3 Tips to Make Personalized Learning Rollouts Successful –

Ed Surge gives us these three tips from top Personalized Learning companies.

  #1 – Ongoing communication between Ed tech providers, administrators, and Teachers.

  #2 – A culture of learning across all levels

  #3 – Analyzing data at least once a week.

Help Fund STEM, ED Tech, and Professional Development –

Education Drive.com gives us the 2017 Grants guide to help secure funding for STEM, Ed tech, and Professional Development. The guide gives information on large and small grants and is most certainly a great resource for grant writing.

Looking for a Cool Tool Award Winning LMS? –

  Benzinga.com tells us that ItsLearning has again been given an ed tech industry award, this one called the Cool Tool award recognizes the best technology solutions for education. ItsLearning is an all inclusive Learning Management System, LMS, that connects teachers, students, parents, and district leaders to everything they need with just one login.

All About CUE Conference –

  Kristy was on location at QUE for this episode so we’d like to give you just a little more info about the conference if you would like to attend. Here is the link to the conference’s website.

4 Tech Teachers  –

Check out 4techteachers.com and subscribe to the channel, like, and comment on the videos if you have something you want to say or see in future videos.

    Watch this video to learn more about the concept of immediate response and feedback.

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