Data, Data, Data – Episode 61 – Ed Tech Weekly

Data, Data, Data – Episode 61 – Ed Tech Weekly

Data, Data, Data – Episode 61 – Ed Tech Weekly

Data, Data, Data

In this episode, Ricky and Kristy discuss a lot of stories that focus on data and whether a big LMS is really the best option for your district.

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Ed Tech News Run Down:

India Ed Tech Out of Focus –

Your reports on some of the issues in the ed tech world focusing specifically on India, which is also one of the biggest ed tech markets. This is a long and somewhat complex article but the overall concept is that ed tech companies have been chasing market share and seem like not really focusing on outcomes.

Real-Time App Data –

The Journal brings data nerds another possible reason to rejoice. A program called CatchOn that debuted its public beta at South by Southwest E.D.U. last week which also claims to deliver real time data on app usage. So, It looks at apps and most noteworthy gives a cost to use breakdown across an entire district.

IT Leaders Taking a Bigger Role –

Ed Tech Magazine reports that IT leadership roles are changing in higher education. As the integration of technology is becoming an all encompassing part of Universities, These IT leaders will need to be more involved in the overall planning and have a more overall strategic role. So, IT leaders will essentially need to be more prepared to help develop strategies and present and persuade during high level planning conversations.

All About CUE Conference –

Ed Tech magazine reports that city-school data sharing improves student outcomes. Data sharing programs can be a great way to use information to improve conditions. The article specifically talks about a program between Nashville Public Schools and Nashville After Zone Alliance, a city funded after school program. The after school program is getting real time data on students regarding attendance, behavior, and coursework. So this allows tutors to really focus on areas of need. And it has shown advancement in reading levels of students during only a 12 week period.

4 Tech Teachers  –

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