Formative Assessment: Making it Happen – Episode 62

Formative Assessment: Making it Happen – Episode 62

Formative Assessment: Making it Happen – Episode 62

Make Formative Assessment Happen

In this episode, Dr. Monica Burns joins Ricky and Kristy to discuss how to leverage ed tech to make sustainable formative assessment.

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Ed Tech News Run Down:

SparkBoard to Innovate the Classroom –

Ed Tech Magazine reports that Cisco has introduced a new tool to help innovate the classroom. Spark Board, is a touch-based three in one collaboration device. It features a 55 inch touch screen display and a 4k camera to capture the entire room at high resolution and a 12 microphone array to capture sound and amplify it. The one part that may truly be great is the collaborative software that comes with it allowing those on both ends of the online meeting to interact during it. It comes with a price tag of around $6000, I’m hoping software is included in that price.

Peer Deck Raises $4 Million –

Startland News reported that Pear Deck, an ed tech firm that has a student engagement platform, recently raised about $4 million from Growth Street Partners. For those unfamiliar with Pear Deck, it helps teachers build live, interactive presentations. The money will be going towards expanding Pear Deck’s reach and they hope getting into more direct inroads with teachers.

March Madness and Ed Tech? –

An Inside higher ed blog explains the big money lessons that can be learned from March Madness. Other than simply being a way to crowbar March Madness and sports into the Ed Tech Weekly Podcast, there are some notable lessons. 1st he mentions that with the high dollar contracts and money being infused to Universities it is very important for those in ed tech to understand how higher ed finances work. There certainly is a business side to ed tech and knowing more about funding isn’t a bad idea.

Secondly he mentions that he isn’t really sure how these big NCAA sports contracts affect institutions when it comes to teaching and learning. Again… this isn’t a super informative article, but it’s March Madness so I just had to cover it.

Charter School Innovates Assessment Building –

Ed Surge tells about Two Rivers Public Charter School and their approach to building assessments. They have continued to evolve programs and assessments that improve and measure things like critical thinking and problem solving. Jeff Heyck-Williams, director of curriculum and instruction for Two Rivers, explains “Our goal is to develop socially and emotionally competent kids who can navigate the world with flexibility,” but he also asks…  “How do we hold true to a broader vision of student success when we are still measured against a state test that in many ways is reductionist?”  Well they have developed outcomes and instructional practices that help them navigate these problems and it’s available on their website… You should definitely take a moment to read this article and check out their website.

4 Tech Teachers  –

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    So Watch this video to learn more about the concept of immediate response and feedback.

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