School Bus Food Truck – Episode 87 – Ed Tech Weekly

School Bus Food Truck – Episode 87 – Ed Tech Weekly

School Bus Food Truck – Episode 87 – Ed Tech Weekly

School Bus Food Truck

In this episode, Ricky and Kristy talk about the ed tech gender gap and whether or not ed tech is exploiting students as well as discuss other ed tech news of the week.

Ed Tech News RunDown


10 Ed Tech Accelerators

The Tech advocate brings us a story about the 10 ed tech accelerators and incubators you should know about. Anyone listening to this show is clearly into ed tech and perhaps you’ve had an idea that you know would help students or teachers… and maybe get you a piece of the billion dollar ed tech industry. If you need help getting started these 10 companies might be just what you are looking for. I’ll just feature number one on the list… LearnLaunch Accelerator. They offer two edtech-focused programs that run for either three months or four weeks in exchange for six percent equity in the company. Based in Boston, LearnLaunch has a mentorship team of more than 150 individuals who offer discounted services and intensive coaching to new startups.

Women in Ed Tech

Our next story by E-learning Inside News, features companies who are bridging the gender gap in ed tech. I guess if we really want to make sure ed tech has diversity then we not only need to report on the companies that are doing it well, but maybe also support them and their services if they are worthwhile. The article breaks down companies based on their amount of gender parity. The best of the best is Coursera who not only had a female co-founder but also had gender parity. And two companies with a bit of work to do are Instructure and Blackboard… two leading LMS’s. They do mention that Instructure has been upfront about it and has made a parity pledge.

Ed Tech Exploiting Students

The chronicle, gives a thought provoking article about how ed tech is exploiting students. They are specifically talking about the farming of data. Students are feeding 100s of data points to these ed tech companies and their schools with little to no say about what data is being mined or how it will be used. Often the companies or schools themselves are unsure how they will use this data in the future or the potential income it may result in. And there may be an agreement that has to be read and signed but as we all know, nobody reads those things. The bigger issue addressed within the article is that students have no choice. Either they use the ed tech or they won’t be successful in the course and the data acquisition comes as a package deal. The article asserts that students should be able to opt out of their data being mined and used.

Integrate Robotics into the Classroom

An article from ed tech magazine explains what it takes to integrate robotics and coding into the classroom. As we know, coding and robotics programs are popping up everywhere but the next step is integrating it into other classrooms to reach students who don’t naturally gravitate towards coding clubs. It is one thing to target girls with “girls who code” initiatives but that isn’t enough if we really want diverse groups to actually move on to coding in a career. The missing piece is targeting students in the places they like and feel confident. If a student loves Literature the chances that they go to that coding club may not be high, but if you can find ways to bring coding and robotics into the literature classroom you may captivate them and help them see a career choice that can include both. If you run a coding or robotics program and are interested in expanding your reach, one of the best ways is to work with teachers to get in their classroom for small lessons that enhance what they are doing. If this is something you want to do at your school you should check out the article.


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