The Reasons Ed Tech is Successful – Episode 83 – Ed Tech Weekly

The Reasons Ed Tech is Successful – Episode 83 – Ed Tech Weekly

The Reasons Ed Tech is Successful – Episode 83 – Ed Tech Weekly

The Reasons Ed Tech is Successful

In this episode, Ricky and Kristy do an Ed Tech Goin’ Down in your Town segment and talk about a possible new way to judge how successful ed tech truly is. Also news of the week… As always.

Ed Tech News RunDown


KidAptive Has Raised 19.1 Million

Tech Crunch reports that ed tech company Kidaptive has raised 19.1 million for its adaptive learning platform. The company began by making iPad learning apps for kids and are expanding into personalized adaptive learning. They will be working with Korean company, Woongjin Compass, to develop a platform for an English learning system. Their concept is having students go through an adaptive learning experience that will change in real time based on interactions with the students. Part of this experience would include giving resources and steps for parents to follow to continue their child’s development. They will be using the money to hire more staff in the US and in Korea. They also have big expansion plans in India they plan to announce in the near future. AI and adaptive learning is not a passing ed tech trend and Kidaptive is certainly a company to keep your eyes on.

Schools Must Support Educators

In this article from Ed Tech Magazine, Schools Must Support Educators While Keeping Tabs on Tech Trends, builds on our discussion from last week about modern learning environments.  The article suggests connected devices, audio visual equipment and classroom furniture are essential to creating spaces that are conducive to to teaching that focuses on future ready skills. According to a 2017 study by Blackboard and Project Tomorrow, a majority of school principals (51 percent) and technology leaders (67 percent) say that the greatest challenge they face in implementing digital learning or expanding technology use is motivating teachers to change their traditional instructional practices. And, while 71 percent of district administrators say that the effective use of technology is “extremely important” for student success, only 43 percent of classroom teachers say the same.

Why is Ed Tech Successful?

An article on the Hechinger Report, explains about an attempt to figure out why ed tech products work rather than focusing on which ed tech products to use. A new nonprofit, formed out of the Jefferson Education Accelerator at the University of Virginia Curry School of Education, is embarking on an ambitious project to find the answer. Currently, the only real way we have to figure out if we should choose an ed tech product is to see if it worked in another school or district, if that info is even available. The problem with that is we may see that it worked but it isn’t always easy to know all of the steps that went into making that resource work. They have already identified more than a dozen variables that contribute to the success or failure of educational technology initiatives. Some of which are: did teachers play a role in choosing the ed tech, quality of professional development, was there a pilot program, and how successful has the school been with prior ed tech initiatives. Some of these are greatest hits for us here at Ed Tech Weekly… professional development and teacher agency have come up a lot in our discussion.

SXSW EDU’s Panel Picker

It seems like we are heading into Ed Tech conference season, and this article from Ed Surge titled a Peek at SXSW EDU’s Panelpicker- and some weird trendy things in Education talks about the process and categories for conference sessions to be presented.  Besides learning from individual sessions, looking at data on conference submissions can give a different perspective on trends in education. SXSW EDU is March 5-8 in Austin, Texas and received 1,445 session proposals and 400 were chosen. When submitting a session, proposals must designate one of seventeen tracks.  The five most popular session proposal tracks at this year’s conference, in order of frequency, are: instruction, implementation, leadership, equity and employability. Some topics have been at the top of edtech conversations for awhile include instruction and implementation focusing on application of tools such as Google, ideas like design learning and frameworks such as competency based education.


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