3 Password Security Tips – Ed Tech Weekly – Episode 97

3 Password Security Tips – Ed Tech Weekly – Episode 97

3 Password Security Tips – Ed Tech Weekly – Episode 97

3 Password Security Tips

Security breaches a some happening across even the largest of companies, including Facebook and even those entrusted with your credit information. There is no time that our personal security has been more under attack and that means we have to really start taking password security seriously. If you are a listener of the show, you heard in our recent podcast, episode 96, you know that the FBI is growing concerned with Ed Tech sites and their security as well. We at Ed Tech Weekly have come up with 3 tips to immediately improve your personal security by upping your password game.

#1 – Use Complex Passwords

The time of using your pet’s name, your children’s name, and all other names is over. Seriously, if your password is a name of any kind you should make it priority one to change it. I think we all envision some guy sitting at his computer trying to guess your password and thinking that there is no way he could know your dog’s name. News flash… There is no person sitting around guessing passwords, that is just not how it works. It is all done with processing power and algorithms and those things are very efficient at “guessing” common or even uncommon names and numbers. Thankfully a lot of sites make you use at lease a slightly complex password but adding a 1 and an exclamation point isn’t fooling these algorithms. Use a true complex password and before you start worrying about how you’ll remember them, see the next tip.

#2 – Use a Password Manager

There are many highly rated password managers out there and almost all of them work seamlessly between different devices and operating systems. So even if you are a split Google/Apple household these password managers will work just fine. Being concerned with one piece of software housing all of your passwords is appropriate but this is the best way to be secure across all logins and passwords you use. Even if our password manager was to get hacked because of encryption it would be extremely difficult for anyone to get useful information. The other bonus is that is extremely easy to change all of your passwords and have secure passwords back up again very quickly. I use 1Password and although it comes with a small monthly fee of only a couple of dollars, it is completely worth it. 

#3 – Use Two-Factor Authentication Whenever Possible

Two-Factor authentication is a process that requires you to have a second way to identify yourself besides a username and password. One of the easiest ways is to set it up to authenticate with a text message sent to your phone. There are also apps like Google Authenticator which is an app based way to authenticate who you are. The great part about two-factor authentication is that it becomes even more difficult for someone to gain access to your accounts. There are many websites that offer two-factor authentication and if you aren’t sure which ones do, check out twofactorauth.org. If a site you are using offers it then you should definitely take advantage of it. The ones we recommend doing first are your bank accounts or any other personal or financial sites. 

Using these 3 tips will help ensure better personal security and there is no reason not to use as many of those 3 tips as possible. If you are an educator, make sure you are talking to your students about personal password security. Parents… yep, you need to be talking to your kids about this from an early age especially considering their lives will be even more connected to the online world and even more of their data will need to remain safe.

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