3 Ways to be Energized Returning from a Break – Ed Tech Weekly – Episode 105

3 Ways to be Energized Returning from a Break – Ed Tech Weekly – Episode 105

3 Ways to be Energized Returning from a Break – Ed Tech Weekly – Episode 105

I was a teacher in the K-12 world for about 10 years and I can tell you, without hesitation, that returning from a break energized didn’t happen. It was one of the most gut-wrenching experiences of being a teacher. The anticipation of returning to all of the negative things that go along with being a teacher, and there are a lot, is so consuming that you can forget about the positive things… which there are also a lot of.

I’ve found that while I couldn’t completely erase those feelings… I’d probably have to be independently wealthy with no job for that to happen… there are some ways, for me at least, to feel energized about returning to work after a break.

3 Ways to Get Energized

  1. Get Your Life in Order! I know this sounds bad but all it really means is making sure you have other things in your life in a “good place”. Things like having your house clean and in order (or as clean as it can be) If you have any personal tasks looming over your head, get them completed. The fewer things in your personal life that are hanging over your head, the more energized you will feel. If you are like me you get in a cycle of blaming your personal tasks for stopping your work tasks from being completed and vice-versa. Get your life in order at home and you will be more energized when you return to work. This doesn’t mean that you will be super-pumped to return to work, it just means you have a good chance of feeling more energized.
  2. Surround yourself with energized people. This is probably the most important as it also makes life, in general, better. I’m not saying there isn’t a time and a place for venting and bit#%ing about stuff. But if my teaching experience was anything like yours is, I found myself being consumed with negative energy. I’m a cynical and sarcastic person and no amount of positive energy will erase that from me, and I don’t want it to, but when I surround myself with negative people it gets bad.
  3. Focus on things you are passionate about. This can be work things or personal things and hopefully they can blend the two together. I feel energized when I do things I’m passionate about and I’m guessing that is a common human experience. My wife recently got me into passion planning and specifically dream/goal planning a la Rachel Hollis. Here is a link to the journal. I recently started using and it really does help me focus on the things I am passionate about and want to make a regular part of my life. Whatever things you are passionate about, try to incorparate them in your daily teaching life and you will be more energized and your students will feel it.

Ed Tech Weekly Podcast

Here is the show where we talk about these three ways to get energized about returning to teach after a break.

Our last show we talked about the Ed Tech tool Adobe Spark and interview Monica Burns about her new book on ways to infuse creativity in your classroom. Check it out here.

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