Podcast – Episode 67

Podcast – Episode 67

Podcast – Episode 67

Start Your Own Podcast

In this episode, Ricky and Kristy discuss how to start you own podcast and they discuss they Ed Tech news of the week including hyper-converged solutions.

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Ed Tech News Run Down:

Hyper-Converged Solutions –

Ed Tech Magazine tells us that education is now moving towards cutting edge data management and away from legacy, in house, servers. Some school districts are taking advantage of the speed and cost effectiveness of virtual machines as servers. While I am quite sure Matt would explain this best, this essentially means that they are moving away from physical, in house, servers, which are pricey and difficult to scale quickly and instead they are leveraging “the cloud”. This is a complete oversimplification as the article is referencing hyper-converged solutions.

Mrs. Wordsmith Makes Bank –

Tech Crunch reports that Mrs. Wordsmith raised 2 Million pounds from investors to take its platform into the 20th century. That’s not a typo because at this time Mrs. Wordsmith is a subscription based PAPER service. The other fairly amazing thing about this is the company was Launched in 2016 by CEO Sofia Fenichell to help her own children improve their writing skills. The service is aimed at transforming the way young people learn, retain and use the type of words that drive literacy and academic success. With this investment, they will be adding an online component to their service to reach even more people as this has very quickly become popular and successful.

Survey Not Exactly as it Seems –

Education Dive reports on a teacher survey about Ed Tech in schools done by Walker Sands Communication. The title of the article says that teachers give low marks on school’s ed tech use and mentions that only 13% of teachers give their schools an A when asked if Ed Tech helps students. But at Ed Tech Weekly we dig deeper and do research… ok, not usually but this time I did… I went to Walker Sands Communications website and downloaded and actually reviewed the results of the 500 teachers they surveyed. (some may be in a state of shock). What isn’t mentioned in this article or even on the summary of the actual survey is that 46% gave a B and 32% gave a C. So 91% of teachers graded at an A,B, or C. and yet the headline is teachers give low marks.

Ed Tech Redesigns for Classes –

Ed Week Market Brief explains that data points to a wave of K-12 classroom redesigns based on Ed Tech and how it is being used in the classroom. Around 70% of those surveyed in K-12 think ed tech will impact class design in the near future. The article explains that the average classroom space is close to 50 years old, many schools were built in the 60’s and 70’s. Obviously they aren’t considering the power and network needs so some upgrades are necessary and have been for quite some time. We’ve clearly known schools need upgrading for quite some time and now that it appears many schools are preparing to make those upgrades it is important to get it right and future proof these classrooms as much as possible.

Starting a Podcast Questions –


Starting a podcast – I’ll put this on edtechweeklyshow.com and our social media accounts.


  1. What is the show about? Try to narrow your focus. Business, fun, creativity… type of podcast that makes sense… host, group, narrative
  2. Naming the podcast – creative or straight to the point
  3. Recording the show… what do you need?
  4. Hosting the show… on the interwebs
  5. Podcast artwork, description, making sure it is listed in multiple places and shows up in iTunes
  6. Just do it – Slow build… don’t think you’ll be on top in weeks.

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