10,000 Downloads Giveaway – Episode 72 – Ed Tech Weekly

10,000 Downloads Giveaway – Episode 72 – Ed Tech Weekly

10,000 Downloads Giveaway – Episode 72 – Ed Tech Weekly

10,000 Downloads Giveaway!!!

In this episode, Kristy and Ricky are back to celebrate their 10,000 podcast downloads and discuss the ed tech news of the week including our 10,000 downloads giveaway.


Ed Tech News RunDown


Workbench Bringing in the Cheddar

The Baltimore Sun reports that Workbench, formerly Cwist, has just raised 1.7 million dollars from Brown Funding in a recent $2 million round of funding. This brings the total funding of Workbench to $5 million. Workbench allows teachers to build experimental learning including programming a robot to demonstrate math equations through movements. Apparently Brown Funding was ultimately very impressed with how quickly Workbench got 10,000 schools around the world to sign up. Impressed to the tune of 1.7 million dollars. Project based learning is available at workbenchplatform.com and I easily signed in with my Google account and had access to lessons without paying so it sounds like something to at the very least check out.

Cyberhygiene Tips for K-12

EdTech Magazine gives us three Cyberhygiene tips for K-12 end users. Based on the article it sounds like Cyberhygiene is a way to describe some continual habits that will help keep your cyber world clean and free from viruses or other cyber attacks. The tips are ‘starting with digital citizenship training’, ‘Being aware of phishing attempts’, and ‘consistently backing up and updating’.  They specifically mention how Google Doc sharing is a way that phishing attacks operate in K-12.

ADDIE and Ed Tech

A Nibletz.com story asks, “We’ve got all this New Ed Tech, Now What?”. Those familiar with the ADDIE model are a step ahead but they have provided an infographic to help see the continuous improvement inherent in this process. For those unfamiliar, ADDIE is Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate. This is certainly not new information if you are an instructional designer, you likely had to talk about this on your job interview. But it does put an emphasis on having a purpose and a plan and choosing ed tech to fulfill those things. This story is timeless because there is always going to be “all this new ed tech” and the successful schools, districts, and states will have a model to ensure they are getting the results they want… ADDIE could be that model or at least a part of it.

Data Analytics and Improvement in K-12

Another edtech magazine article, gives us a couple ways that K-12 can use data more efficiently and effectively. They mention that states and schools should be removing silos and share data while also ensuring the data shared is high quality data. The actually give some examples of data that is considered high quality and much of it is about tying teachers to classes and students. I can understand why this is high quality data for some but to me the high quality data is anonymous student data that results from their interaction with different learning software.


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