Disabilities and STEM Success – Episode 73 – Ed Tech Weekly

Disabilities and STEM Success – Episode 73 – Ed Tech Weekly

Disabilities and STEM Success – Episode 73 – Ed Tech Weekly

Disabilities and STEM Success

In this episode, Kristy and Ricky discuss the ed tech news of the week including some suggestions for helping those with disabilities be successful in STEM.


Ed Tech News RunDown


Counseling and Ed Tech

Ed tech Magazine gives 4 ways that K-12 counselors can better reach and service their students using Ed Tech. The ways they highlight are 1) using online sessions to connect students in an environment that they may feel safe sharing in, 2) Mobile Apps that can help students take responsibility in monitoring their own mental health. 3) Counselors should use blogs or social media to share mental health tips. 4) And finally, Collecting data with surveys to assess students needs and help to improve services. All of these tips are fairly basic but if you are a counselor and aren’t using ed tech this article may be able to give you some easy ways to begin.

Making Virtual Classrooms Work

Another Ed Tech Magazine article explains that large school districts can make the most of virtual classrooms too. They mention that providing large scale virtual classrooms can be difficult for larger districts for many reasons including network strain. The San Francisco Unified School District is using videoconferencing on a smaller scale to help connect students with subject experts that they otherwise would not have access to in their physical classroom.  This article is focusing on big school districts but these principles can apply to small districts as well and in some cases may even be more valuable to smaller districts.

Disabilities and STEM Success

A third story this week from Ed Tech Magazine. This article gives some examples of how ed tech can help students with disabilities thrive in Stem. Our friend Ashley from careerinstem.com may be interested in this story. The ways ed tech can help include allowing for better differentiated instruction, capturing attention with learning apps, embrace failure and encourage risk taking with ed tech, and using technologies that help struggling readers. This is a great read for anyone trying to think of ways to help students with disabilities and hopefully will allow you to more easily incorporate some strategies in your classroom.

Can Ed Tech Have Heart?

A blog on edweek.org engages in the classic debate over technology and education. Does education have to be face to face in order to truly educate in certain areas of study and really dive into nuance and judgement needed for subjects or can ed tech tools achieve the same thing as face to face? They had two leaders in education debate this in a recent forum and shared the excerpts. This is a great read for anyone interested in this debate, which we would assume is anyone listening to our show. A big takeaway was how lower economic schools have teachers who receive less professional development. This can be a huge problem as federal or state funding may provide the technology but not include the professional development.


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