Lots of Data and no Cybersecurity – Episode 77 – ETW

Lots of Data and no Cybersecurity – Episode 77 – ETW

Lots of Data and no Cybersecurity – Episode 77 – ETW

Lots of Data and no Cybersecurity

In this episode Ricky and Kristy talk about higher ed using data in different ways, a cybersecurity shortage, and how making ed tech trainers obsolete may be a good thing.


Ed Tech News RunDown


4 Ways Data Empowers Higher Ed

Ed Tech Magazine gives us 4 ways that data empowers universities beyond just student retention. If you are involved in HIgher Ed then you already know how important student retention is but these 4 areas are pretty darn important as well. 1)Data can help streamline the fundraising process, 2) Using demographic data to tailor marketing materials to prospective students. 3) Help leaders understand their student population better. And 4) data driven surveillance can keep campuses safe. Using data that is already being collected to improve these areas is a good start but targeting data to help this is probably the best way for universities to improve the positive impact data can have.

3 Trends in K-12 Ed Tech

Another Ed Tech Magazine story brings us the top 3 K-12 trends of 2017. We see a lot of these lists and although we recognize the click-bait nature of them, it is important to stay alert to trends. The three trends they see are 1. The continued push for connectivity to the internet in school and at home for students. 2. Support for personalized learning initiatives continuing to expand. 3. Shifting professional development to outside certification to improve the Return on Investment(ROI). The shifting of professional development to outside certifications is very interesting as this would be a huge change for a lot of districts.

Ed Tech Departments Should Make Themselves Obsolete?

Ed Surge Explains that every Ed Tech department should make themselves obsolete. Before you get too upset by that opening let’s take a look at what they are encouraging. One of the things they say is that hiring a tech integration specialist makes a larger divide between teachers and technology and one of the reasons they say is that those specialists tend to work with teachers already using technology… leaving those who don’t further behind. The solutions they offer are 1)Ambassador programs, which make connections between the more tech savvy teachers with those in need.  2) Professional development by teachers for teachers and 3) Turning tech specialist into instructional coaches to connect more on a pedagogical level then just as a “here’s how to turn it on” type of relationship.

For the most part I think these make sense but some of it is just choices of words to use, the practice is what matters.

Engaging Students with Cybersecurity

Ed Tech Magazine explains how cybersecurity is becoming “kind of a big deal” in K-12 and Universities. In many ways this feels like STEM about 4 years ago and it is likely that momentum continues to build for cybersecurity as it becomes even more important in this digital world. Programs are beginning to rethink cybersecurity recruiting methods including NYU hosting a “Capture the FLag” hacking competition to entice high school and college students to come to their programs. And just like STEM a few years ago they are making recruiting females a high priority. There will be a larger need for cybersecurity going forward and programs like these are hoping to address the skills gap.




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