Cut Yourself Some Slack – Episode 68

Cut Yourself Some Slack – Episode 68

Cut Yourself Some Slack – Episode 68

Cut Yourself Some Slack

In this episode, Kristy and Ricky return from summer break to discuss the ed tech news of the week and share their favorite apps, including Slack, for the new school year.

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Ed Tech News Run Down:

Libraries and Coding –

Ed Tech Magazine asks if libraries are the key to Teaching Computer Science.  There is a lot of fear about libraries and their survival as the world moves towards digital books and tools. The American Library association partnered with Google to create the Libraries Ready to Code program and it is now in phase 3 which means they will be selecting 50 libraries to receive resources and support to develop coding programs. They are selecting libraries through an application process that will run until the end of August. It is open to both school and public libraries so put an application in if you want your library involved.

Not Enough Women Directors in Ed Tech –

Ed Surge reports on a surprisingly small number of women directors in the Ed Tech world. They took 20 ed tech companies that have raised more than $2.7 billion in funding and of the 124 board members only 8 are women. This seems especially strange given that about ⅓ of ed tech companies have a female CEO. While this may speak to a larger issue with venture capitalists being less concerned with diversity, it certainly may also give some clues why ed tech and education have trouble connecting. In a K-12 world where women make up about 76% of the teacher population, it certainly seems unusual that around 6% of the board seats in ed tech companies are held by women.

Survey Not Exactly as it Seems – reports that applications for Startup Alley at Educause 2017 are open through August 15th. Around 10,000 educators and ed tech decision makers will be at the Educause conference that is from October 31st – November 3rd. Every year they host a startup alley that features 25-30 emerging ed tech companies. This also comes with an opportunity to participate in the Under the Ed Radar pitch competition that is held there as well. If you are itching to get your startup in front of eager eyes, you should definitely apply to be included in Startup Alley.

Ed Tech Redesigns for Classes –

The Hindustan Times reports on Global Hackweek, an event organized by which is a non-profit committed to the development and promotion of open source Artificial Intelligence for Education.  This is the first of its kind as it will bring together key players from the world of industry, academia, government, venture capital, and AI developers from around the world. Huge companies including Amazon and IBM are supporting this event which hopes to further AI in education. What are the benefits of Artificial Intelligence in education? Well, personalized learning and adaptive assessments are just two of the many things AI hopes to improve. If you are an AI creator then you can submit usable products, like web apps… data sets, or AI tutorials you may have created.

App Pick –

Try Slack!


4 Tech Teachers  –

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