Domo Arigato Mr. Mabot Oh – Ed Tech Weekly – Ep. 78

Domo Arigato Mr. Mabot Oh – Ed Tech Weekly – Ep. 78

Domo Arigato Mr. Mabot Oh – Ed Tech Weekly – Ep. 78

Domo Arigato Mr. Mabot Oh

In this episode,Ricky and Kristy talk about the ed tech news of the week including a new STEM tool called Mabot which allows you to build a robot and learn to code.

Ed Tech News RunDown


Frost and Sullivan Top 10 Future Ed Tech

Frost and Sullivan, a consulting firm, has revealed its top 10 technologies shaping the classroom of the future. You know how I love a good top 10 list and it just feels right for the first show of the new year. The highlights include some of the usual suspects: Artificial Intelligence, Mixed Reality, and Robotics. One of the standout numbers given is the expectation that mixed reality market will cross over $6 billion by 2022. Mixed reality, which is basically some combination of virtual reality, augmented reality, and just plain old reality, definitely can become a major factor in education as the possibilities become limitless.

Apple Developer Program Free Waiver for Education

From, we learned that Apple announced an availability of fee waivers for its Apple Developer Program for educational institutions, nonprofits, and government entities. The waiver will give these qualifying organizations a free membership to the Apple Developer Program which normally is a $99 per year fee. There are some restrictions that come with this waiver including the inability to publish paid apps or apps with in app purchases. With the push for students to learn coding this is a great way to get them to have hands on app developing experience. With the Swift Playground App and now with this, Apple is positioning itself to be a champion for students learning to code… and also boost their own app market at the same time.

Boost Mobile Security in Higher Ed

Ed Tech Magazine gives us three tips to boost mobile security, specifically for higher ed as students are more regularly using their mobile devices to access university data. The first tip is to help give users data governance skills. Basically that just means helping them be aware that data security is a big deal and they shouldn’t be accessing University, Banking, or other secure data on public or other non secure wifi. Secondly, they suggest keeping in mind that smartphones are personal devices and having them add security measures the university wants may not be a realistic option. Instead educate them about risks and give them access to tools if they want to use them. Lastly, employ a virtual desktop infrastructure if possible so data isn’t stored on devices themselves. All of these are good tips and as we have talked about numerous times, security isn’t something that will become less important moving forward… try to be ahead of the game if possible.

Meet Mabot, a Robot to Help Students Learn Coding

Bell Education Company, BellRobot, has launched Mabot, an interactive robotics learning kit for children. The modular kit, which was successfully funded on kickstarter in October of 2017, allows seemingly unlimited combinations of robot builds and is simple to use. Mabot claims to be a fun and interactive learning experience that builds problem solving skills. A really cool feature is that it is compatible with Lego bricks so kids can expand their robot with their own legos so it really makes customization and options limitless. So if you are into STEM, and who isn’t these days, be sure to be watching for Mabot if you are attending CES this year or just following it on the internet.


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