Ed Tech Goin Down in Your Town – Episode 70

Ed Tech Goin Down in Your Town – Episode 70

Ed Tech Goin Down in Your Town – Episode 70

Ed Tech Goin Down in Your Town

In this episode, Ricky and Kristy discuss the Ed Tech news of the week and feature Kristy’s One to One Rollout in the new Ed Tech Goin Down in Your Town Segment.


Ed Tech News RunDown


Screen Fatigue

An Ed Surge opinion piece talks about Ed Tech, screen fatigue, and some ways to combat it. The article mentions the somewhat hypocritical world of ed tech where technology and screen time are viewed as the solution to our educational problems but then The American Academy of Pediatrics advises against screen time for young children. The article goes on to mention ways that some are trying to build in “away from screen” activities. They include building “off-screen” extensions, making more “hands-on” technology, and just staying agile. This is a conversation that will only intensify as virtual reality starts ramping up.

Student Share Ed Tech Products

Ed Surge reports on the apps that students say they like the most. Obviously students and teachers want good ed tech products that actually help students be more productive or make learning easier. Forcing them to use ed tech that they don’t like probably will not help a teacher’s cause so here is the list of apps students say they love and if you can incorporate these then that would probably be a good thing for your students. Notability, Socratic, Quizlet, CK-12, Kahoot, and Canvas.

High Praise for Adaptive Learning Company HiTalk

Business Insider reports on a new adaptive learning system from Hujiang, named HiTalk. HiTalk is tailored to English learners and adds on to an already robust Chinese Ed Tech company. HiTalk is receiving rave reviews to the tune of 98% positive feedback from its users. This is part of a larger strategy for Hujiang, which already has about 150 million users, to keep users on their platform. It uses situational dialogue to teach English which is a more natural language acquisition technique. The users say that it is similar to the benefits of spending time in an English speaking country and they are very pleased with the teachers, who are sourced from around the world.

Parents: Keep Student Data Protected

Ed Tech Magazine gives us 3 tips to help keep parents feeling secure about their student’s data being safe. The world of data in ed tech continues to grow and become more important especially as we try to detect student issues earlier and give them more personalized learning experiences. Of course we all have some level of concern when it comes to data but parents, obviously, have an even greater level than most. The three tips are understanding parental rights under FERPA laws, providing proper education on digital citizenship, and committing to data governance in Vendor partnerships.


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