Edmodo Hacked – Episode 65

Edmodo Hacked – Episode 65

Edmodo Hacked – Episode 65

Edmodo Hacked

In this episode Ricky does the Ed Tech news rundown which includes Edmodo being hacked and some changes to Microsoft’s OneNote.

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Ed Tech News Run Down:

Edmodo Hacked –

The 74 reports that Edmodo was hacked and 77 million user’s email addresses, usernames, and hashed passwords were stolen. First of all, Hashed passwords, for those who are unsure, are basically passwords that have been turned into another password using an algorithm… so they don’t have your password but if they crack the algorithm, they will. This would be a much better conversation to have Matt with us for. In conclusion, if you have an Edmodo account and you use the same username and/or password frequently then you should change those accounts just to be sure.

GoNoodle is in 600,000 Classrooms –

Forbes explains how an Ed Tech Entrepreneur got GoNoodle into 600,000 classrooms. Scott McQuigg, is the co-founder of GoNoodle and he sat down for an interview with Robyn Schulman.  He and his partner saw the lack of physical activity in school as a problem and created GoNoodle to resolve it. It uses videos and games, less than 5 minutes long, to get students active and moving.

EdSurge Hits Pause on Accelerator –

EdSurge informs us that Intel hits the pause button on its Ed Tech accelerator. This comes, strangely, with another announcement that Intel Education is joining forces with a group that deals with government solutions and initiatives… that combined force to be known as the “Public Sector Group”.  So if you applied for this accelerator, you won’t be getting Intel Education support even if yours was the best proposal. It is a bit odd that they shut this down a month after the fall application deadline. 

Teachers Share Ed Tech Successes –

Ed Tech Magazine reports that Microsoft has optimized OneNote’s user interface to boost classroom accessibility. They introduced a new interface that makes switching to and from different folders a much easier process. The structure is a lot more visually appealing and they mention that in early testing, students have also found it easier to stay on task then the previous version. The good thing about OneNote is that is is accessible on multiple platforms and it is free… this new update should be rolling out by the end of May.

4 Tech Teachers  –

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So Watch this video to learn more about the concept of immediate response and feedback.

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