Episode 16 – Learning to Code Keeps Getting Easier

Episode 16 – Learning to Code Keeps Getting Easier

In this episode, Ricky and Matt talk about a standout student that gets to interview the Woz, ways the digital age might help struggling readers, Bill De Blasio mandates computer science for NY students, and we go over some great resources to help you learn to code.

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Business Insider reports that a 14 year old student had the opportunity to interview the Woz… yes co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak.  Sarina Khemchandani got some great answers from the Woz including that he was kind of a nerdy outcast in school and he taught himself a lot about science and math.


A story from Scientific American tells us that technology may be the key to make reading easier. The article goes into some detail regarding how fonts and spacing for reading were designed to save space… printing press, paper, trying to reduce the size of books. But with technology you can truly start to space letters and words in a more friendly way for readers, especially those that struggle.


According to the New York Times, Bill De Blasio is going to require Computer Science be offered to all students within the next 10 years. There is a large push for computer science but this is the most aggressive that I have seen.


Featured Story:

Learning to Code…

Our featured story is brought to us by Entrepreneur.com, they have listed 12 sites that help teach coding for free.  The article lists 12 sites that help you explore the world of coding to see what you may be interested in. These sources can also be used to share with students or colleagues who are interested in learning more about coding.

Here is an additional resource you may want to check out when learning to code. html5Up


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