Episode 17 – Accessibility is all about Perspective

Episode 17 – Accessibility is all about Perspective

In this episode, Ricky and Matt talk about how transhumanist tech may change the very definition of disability, user experiences that can help those with impairments, a Microsoft resource to help students have better accessibility, and a math app that simply scans a math problem and gives you the answer immediately.

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1)Our first story is from techcrunch and it explains that future transhumanist tech may soon change the definition of disability.

MIT bionics designer Hugh Herr, who lost both his legs in a mountain climbing accident, recently said in a TED Talk on disability, “A person can never be broken. Our built environment, our technologies, are broken and disabled. We the people need not accept our limitation, but can transcend disability through technological innovation.”


2) Our next story is about a post on UXmovement.com, and it talks about ways to help those with visual disabilities, like color blindness, when creating your User Interface.

This post makes some pretty common sense points about helping make your application or website navigation easier for those with visual impairments.

Having another visual cue besides just a color change to show menu changes is a good start to help make your User interface more accessible.


3)Our next story is really not a story at all but simply a resource that is for educators and those who work with the educational technology. The site is done by microsoft and the link is microsoft.com/enable/education

The site, essentially gives accessibility options for educators involving windows OS… things that can be changed in Windows to help students.


4)Our final news story of the week is about a new math app that “magically” scans and solves math problems.


According to a story on Complex.com the free app is called PhotoMath… not the most clever of names… and it is apparently available now after being in development for a couple years. The app gives you a realtime answer as you scan the math problem.


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