Episode 18 – Karla Drops Accessibility Knowledge

Episode 18 – Karla Drops Accessibility Knowledge

In this episode, Ricky and Matt welcome Karla Kmetz Morris to the show to speak about accessibility and give her perspective and she also shares great resources that can help us all understand accessibility in a deeper way. We also discuss the news of the week, as always, including Google’s plan to bring VR into the classroom, a new school to tackle shortages of computer engineers, and a landmark accessibility case that was settled between a blind woman and the Seattle school district.

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Links Mentioned on the Show:


Karla’s Accessibility Links –

WebAim – Web Accessibility in Mind – Great Resource for Technical Development

University of Washington’s Do It Center – Focused on How to Make Whole Online Programs Accessible

University of South Florida St. Petersburg Accessibility Checklist

Making Online Teaching Accessible – Book Written by Norman Coombs


Show Notes and Links:


1)According to The Next Web… Google announced that it’s taking its Expeditions project to schools across the US, UK, Australia and Brazil, giving them all the chance to go onvirtual field trips using Google’s Cardboard VR headset. This is all part of Google’s plan to bring VR to education… and take over the world. The service is free and includes Google cardboard VR headsets and Asus phones. Here’s a link to sign up for the Expeditions Pioneer Program… teachers can choose from a library of 100+ virtual trips to places like Mars, the Great Barrier Reef and the Great Wall of China.


2)ZDNet reports that A new kind of school is tackling the software engineering talent shortage. According to the US Bureau of Labor, by 2020 we are going to have about 1.4 million new developer jobs opening up and only 400,000 people with computer science degrees to get those jobs.


3)In a story reported by Education Week, Seattle has settled a lawsuit with a blind mother of three children… her case was that she didn’t have  access to grades, attendance and other information that other parents had. Part of the agreement, and it should be something all schools and school districts pay attention to… Hire an accessibility coordinator, Make it’s websites accessible through existing technology,and train district personnel on creating content that is accessible.


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