Episode 19 – Our First Voicemail

Episode 19 – Our First Voicemail

In this episode, Ricky and Matt discuss the Ed Tech News of the week and are ecstatic to receive our very first listener voicemail.

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1)A Forbes article explains How Strong Community And Educator Support Drives Ed Tech Success. I am not sure this is a revelation in itself but the article goes on to explain some cool ed tech successes like one done by Libraries Without Borders, Idea Box that has had success in Refugee camps in Burundi.  The question is how to make the leap to different cultures and different parts of the world… something that has been a struggle for many Ed Tech initiatives. The article mentions that having local stakeholders and local support is huge, an interesting perspective as many companies seem to be trying a one size fits all template.

2)Ed Tech magazine reports that Game Based learning thrives despite report that it’s deadThe article sites some MInecraft uses in schools and how over 70% of teens play some type of video games.. I’m guessing 100% play games. Ed tech and tech, in general, is always involved with statements that something is dead.. Mooc’s the PC, now game based learning. The reported death’s, to me, are just the process of these things evolving. There is almost no possible way that game based learning will die… seems ridiculous to say.

3)The Silicon Valley Education Foundation (SVEF) has named six EdTech startups the winners of the third “Learning Innovation Hub (iHub) Pitch Games” held at Adobe SystemsThis basically was like an ed tech version of “shark Tank”, where teams pitched their startup and the 6 who won will be rolled out to 40 silicon valley schools. Teaching Garage, which gives Elementary school teachers help in laying the foundations of computer science and Drawp which is a platform for making current assignments more interactive for students are two of the winners.


4)Education World reports that FETC focuses on future techFormerly the Florida Educational Technology Conference … they are changing the F word to make it the Future of Educational Technology Conference. This sounds to me more like a push to make it a more nationally and globally recognized conference. I have been three years in a row and assumed the F stood for Florida but everyone only refers to it as FETC so this is more of a publicity move to me.

Here is a link to the the Ed Tech Conferences this year.


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