Episode 22 – Everyone Gets the Internet

Episode 22 – Everyone Gets the Internet

Mac Pro Internet Port

Internet port on Mac Pro

In this episode, computer science is on the rise, Jessica Alba and coding, everyone gets the internet, also some security updates to Android… and more.


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Code Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Downtown Star reports that Code Brooklyn aims to bring computer science to public schoolsCode Brooklyn is a “call to action” to get more local students to be ready for the expansion of technology and computer science jobs already happening in Brooklyn. Borough President Eric Adams is on a mission to get students in Brooklyn ready for these computer science jobs.


Teen Vogue is reporting… yes I said reporting.. that Jessica Alba Wants Every Young Woman to See the New CodeGirl Film“[CodeGirl] is a documentary by filmmaker Lesley Chilcott, sponsored by Google’s Made with Code initiative. It follows high school girls from diverse backgrounds… as they each compete in the international Technovation Challenge and work in an effort to solve problems that affect their local communities with technology”. This is yet another step in the process of getting young ladies interested in coding. Apparently, even with the push lately towards having a more diverse world of coders… the number of high school females that plan on majoring in computer science is .3%. I’m sure Jessica Alba alone will drive many to see this documentary but there is clearly a lot of work left to do if we really want to have a larger percentage of female coders.

Internet for Everyone

A Business Insider article explains that Google is getting closer to providing round the world internet coverage. Matt, in episode 14 of our show, we discussed Project Loon working with Sri Lanka and it sounds like they are getting even closer to their goal of bringing internet to remote parts of the globe. Everyone gets the internet... Oprah style… you get the internet… and you get the internet. Apparently these solar powered internet balloons can now last as long as 187 days and the launch process has improved to being able to launch one of these every 15 minutes with just one or two people.


Our final story is from The Next Web, Pushbullet’s Android 6.0 Marshmallow update brings on-demand app permissions. We talked about this security issue with apps and apps asking for permissions they definitely don’t need in Episode 5 dealing with some malware that was being pushed from apps.

Some Links to help you improve your security:

1) Two Factor Authentication – Twofactorauth.org shows you a list of software and websites and whether they support two factor authentication or not. They also explain whether it is SMS or token verified and give you a link to communicate with the companies not offering two factor authentication on Twitter.

Use two factor authentication whenever you can.

2)Password Generator – passwordsgenerator.net allows you to create a password that is complex through your browser. Security is too big an issue not to be doing all you can to make your passwords more secure.

Always use complex passwords.


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