Another Solo Flight – Episode 74 – Ed Tech Weekly

Another Solo Flight – Episode 74 – Ed Tech Weekly

Another Solo Flight – Episode 74 – Ed Tech Weekly

Another Solo Flight

In this episode, Ricky is all by himself and talks only about the news of the week including an FTC and DOE hosted workshop on privacy concerns and ed tech.


Ed Tech News RunDown


6 Emerging Ed Tech Trends

Campus Technology gives us 6 broad trends it sees emerging for the future of ed tech. A new report from the Center for Innovative Research in Cyberlearning has undertaken the ambitious project of sifting through what those researchers are exploring to uncover the major trends and help us understand where education — pre-K-12 and post-secondary — may be headed over the next decade or two.

rom an analysis of the research, six broad themes surfaced:

  • Community mapping: The use of mobile, geospatial tools for learning in a local context, such as the immediate neighborhood;
  • Expressive construction: Using technology to create and share and, while creating, to learn;
  • Classrooms as digital performance spaces: Converting the typical classroom into a room where physical learning experiences take place;
  • Virtual peers and coaches: Avatars and other forms of artificial intelligence that interact with the student and provide a “natural, welcoming learning environment”;
  • Remote scientific labs: Students control remote scientific equipment;
  • Enhancing collaboration and learning through touchscreen interfaces: The expansion in the use of multitouch interfaces on tabletop, tablet and mobile devices

Colleges Using Social Media to Recruit

Ed Tech Magazine tells us that higher ed is starting to get smart by using text and snapchat for recruiting. Like it or not, the younger generation does the majority of their communication through social media and messaging apps. And why shouldn’t higher ed take advantage of this because the advertising is essentially free? Besides that nice upside, the trend will continue to go towards students using mobile more and more to interact with higher ed. It is already reported that 35% of students fill out college applications on mobile devices. I am going to assume they mean tablets as well in that number but still a high percentage and if colleges wish to compete they need to meet students where they are… and they are definitely on Snapchat.

DOE to host a Workshop on Student Privacy

Employment Screening report that the FTC(federal trade commission) and the DOE(Department of Education) will cohost a workshop on student privacy and ed tech on December 1st. According to the post, The FTC and ED workshop – which is free and open to the public – will be held at the Constitution Center, 400 7th St., SW, Washington, DC and will be webcast live on the FTC website.  FERPA laws will be addressed and there are some questions listed that are intended to promote discussions. TO see the questions and get involved go to or go to the FTC website. I assume this will be useless, as big government often is but I will definitely tune in and report back to our listeners after the event.

STEM still a priority for new Administration in White House

Ed Tech Magazine reports that STEM education is still a priority even within the new administration including our new president and the new head of the DOE. The article explains that the white house and tech companies are pledging 500 million dollars to STEM education. Public and private sectors appear to have a unified goal to make STEM education a priority and certainly with all of the cyber attacks and other hacking in the news it will be important to make sure that the brightest minds are getting into STEM and let’s hope they end up joining the “good guys”… whatever that means.




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