Is Artificial Intelligence Hurting Students? – Episode 75

Is Artificial Intelligence Hurting Students? – Episode 75

Is Artificial Intelligence Hurting Students? – Episode 75

Is Artificial Intelligence Hurting Students?

In this episode, Ricky discusses the ed tech news of the week and discusses whether Artificial Intelligence might actually be a bad thing for our students.


Ed Tech News RunDown


Find the right Tech Tools

Ed Surge has come out with a list of resources to help you find the ed tech tools you need. There is little doubt that choosing the right ed tech solution for your class, school, or district is becoming more complex. They include a link to their free product index that includes over 2300 ed tech tools as well as other links that may be helpful for you as you choose the right tools for the job. One of the more interesting things I learned as I checked out these tools is just how varying the costs of ed tech can be. The same tools can cost as much as 40% more per student depending on the district. This info definitely supports the idea of more sharing of what people are paying for ed tech so as not to overpay for tools.

5 Impactful Ed Tech Trends

The Next Web brings us 5 impactful ed tech trends in 2017. While Ed Tech is an ever growing and changing industry, there are definitely some overall trends to be watching and evaluating. The 5 they mention as the most impactful are virtual reality, the ability to study on mobile devices, gamification, the increasing online education sites, and the maker movement. 2 of these that are linked that are impacting how people learn are learning on mobile devices and the number of online sites.  As far as mobile learning, not everyone has a computer, but nearly everyone has a mobile device.  And making content available on mobile devices is essential to any vendor offering online content (and really, is there a vendor out there that doesn’t offer online content???).  Being able to meet the need of on demand, anytime, anyplace learning, is key.  If a product can’t do that, no matter how good, I don’t think they even have a chance of making it in the Ed Tech market.

Data and Ethical Struggles with Artificial Intelligence

An Inside Higher Ed article talks about data and the ethical and strategic issues it brings about for institutions. We have talked about this a lot on the show as we are trying to navigate just how to use all the data we are collecting and how it will affect teachers and students. This article comes on the heels of an Educause session about data and its use in ed tech. One of the most interesting things from this article was a perspective that I had previously failed to consider. Could AI interfere with a student’s ability to be self-sufficient? We have been focusing a lot on the instructor side of Artificial Intelligence and whether teaching jobs could be replaced. The idea that Artificial Intelligence could create so much spoon feeding that the ability to recognize where students need help and have them act on it could disappear. Our quest to have students perform better on metrics like standardized tests could certainly help shape Artificial Intelligence in a way that is harmful to students. Also check out our previous podcast about robots taking over education.

Parents Want more Digital Communication

An Ed Tech Magazine article explains that today’s parents want more digital communication from schools. A survey from Project Tomorrow indicates that teachers want more text and email communication from schools and teachers. A surprising revelation in the survey is that parents don’t find Facebook to be effective in communicating with schools but the schools themselves believe it to be very effective.

The survey also reveals four areas parents want to know more about regarding their child’s education:

  • How to work with teachers to maximize learning
  • Types of technology and workplace skills their child is learning
  • App recommendations to enhance learning at home
  • Other technology recommendations to support learning at home




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