Episode 20 – The Tech Future is Bright

Episode 20 – The Tech Future is Bright

In this episodeWe’ll talk about how administrators and teachers feel about tech in schools, we’ll take a look at the inside of an elementary STEM class, and spend some time worshipping an amazing 10 year old, and a new news service for the edtech public sector.


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If you are interested in Accessibility you should check out our interview with Karla Kmetz Morris in Episode 18.


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Show Notes:

1) An Inside Higher Ed report claims that Most faculty and admins believe student gains justify tech spending. 63% of admins and 83% of technology administrators believe that money spent on technology was money well spent.

The 83% of tech administrators only surprises me because I thought the number would be higher since so many of them are behind the purchases. You can check out the numbers from the survey which is broken down fairly extensively.

my take away is that a mediocre 55% overall believe that technology is improving outcomes at least somewhat.

2) A Lancaster Online story explains what an elementary STEM class looks likeWhen the students are asked what do scientists do… the students answer with an emphatic “Create, Work, and Try”. This isn’t the exact scientific method that was drilled into us throughout school but it definitely promotes curiosity and the concept that failure is ok in this process. Sounds a lot more fun than my early days in science…

3) News OK reports that a young inventor creates an app to help people with disabilities.  It seems like we continue to stumble upon more and more stories of accessibility being addressed and more and more stories of young people coming up with great app concepts. The two of those joined up nicely in this story. This story is so awesome that I think we should spend a little more time on it than usual. This is a 10 year old that has more business acumen and common sense that about 90% of adults… perhaps more. His name is Alexander Knoll and his idea is an app that allows people to learn about the accessibility available at a location before they arrive. The article compares it to yelp but I feel like that’s insulting to Alexander. He did some really cool things like spend a year talking with those who needs accessibility options and tried to find a way to help.

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Check out edscoop.com for ed tech news from the public sector.


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