Flipped Classroom – Ed Tech Weekly – Episode 106

Flipped Classroom – Ed Tech Weekly – Episode 106

Flipped Classroom – Ed Tech Weekly – Episode 106

Interview with Dr. Barbi Honeycutt – Flipped Classroom

I had the opportunity to speak with Barbi Honeycutt who is an expert on all things flipped classroom. I, like most, had heard of the flipped classroom model before. I also had some preconceptions about what it means and I really loved Barbi’s “definition” of Flipping your classroom. She uses an acronym for F.L.I.P to explain it… Focus on Learners by Involving them In the Process. Turns out Flipped classroom isn’t just putting your lectures online, it is a different way to approach teaching that involves students. Active learning has been a buzzword but it is also a research-based principle that works and her concept of the Flipped model does that.

Listen to the Interview

Links that Dr. Honeycutt Mentioned

1. Website:  barbihoneycutt.com

2. Free e-mail course: flipitconsulting.com (will be live in a few days)

3. Free whitepaper: “10 Strategies to Encourage Students to Actually DO the Pre-Class Work in Flipped and Active Learning Environments” barbihoneycutt.com/whitepaper

4. Flippable Moments: 3 Places to Look Before You FLIP Itbarbhoneycutt.com/flippable-moments

5. 5 Ways to Address Student Resistance in Flipped and Active Learning Classrooms:https://barbihoneycutt.com/blogs/blog/5-ways-to-address-student-resistance-in-flipped-classrooms-and-active-learning-environments

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