Helping Students be STEM Awesome – Episode 69

Helping Students be STEM Awesome – Episode 69

Helping Students be STEM Awesome – Episode 69

Help Your Students be STEM Awesome

     In this week’s show, episode 69, we explored multiple ways to help your students get involved in STEM and be responsible internet users. In our featured segment we talked with Ashley Pereira, of Career in Stem(website), and she shared her awesome summer camps focusing on STEM.


Ed Tech News RunDown


Google’s Internet Awesome Campaign

GMA Network is reporting on Google’s attempt to give students the information they need to be responsible internet citizens. And Google is attempting to improve digital citizenship of students by involving parents, teachers, and… oh yeah… making it fun. The name of the program? “Be Internet Awesome” and if the name isn’t cool enough for you its features should be. The Program focuses on personal security and safety, not being fooled by fake sources, being kind to others, and seeking trusted adults when in doubt. They also have a cool game called Interland that let’s students explore these topics in a fun way… because of course they do… they’re Google.

15 Year Old Killing It in Ed Tech

Another story, Forbes is reporting on how a 15 year old teenager built a profitable Ed Tech business in 1 year. Ian McCue, now a 17 year old, is an entrepreneur and an Economics major at UNLV.  McCue founded Spark Skill in the fall of 2016. In addition, Spark Skill is an education technology coding camp that provides top-notch technology summer enrichment programs.And it is for students entering grades four through twelve in Summerlin, Las Vegas. Forbes sat down to interview this impressive young man and it is fascinating.

Nibletz Making STEM More Awesome

Another story, is reporting on a coding kit that was unveiled at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio last month. The kit is called “Little Bits” and it is designed to help kids learn to build games, more high tech projects, and learn to code. Also, the coding uses Google’s Blockly language, which is similar to Scratch, and allows kids to use block, instead of text based coding. Little Bits Code Kit comes with four games to invent and code: Ultimate Shoot Out, Hot Potato… of Doom, Rockstar Guitar, and Tug Of War. And after kids complete those, they can use parts that come in the kit. It comes with USB power, buttons, dimmers, switches, sensors, sound triggers, connecting wires… to get even more creative.

U of M Using “The Mez” for STEM

Another story, An EdTech Magazine story explaining how the University of Michigan is empowering Detroit students with an after school program. And the program is called the Michigan Engineering Zone and it offers STEM experiences to underserved students in the Detroit area.  And “the MEZ”, as it is called, claims to educate and inspire Detroit’s youth to become leaders. In transforming their city, schools and communities through science and technology according to their website. They recently received a $250,000 grant from google to expand their maker space and robotics laboratory.


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