Live for the first Time – Episode 66

Live for the first Time – Episode 66

Live for the first Time – Episode 66

Live Streamed for the First Time

In this episode, Ricky and Kristy do their first live stream of the Ed Tech Weekly Show. They talk about Ed Tech Efficacy and the news of the week.

Listen to the Show:

Ed Tech News Run Down:

EdTech Efficacy –

The 74 brings us the second in a series of essays surrounding the EdTech Efficacy Research Symposium. We reported on the first one a few weeks ago and the bad news for me is that they use the word efficacy a lot and I butchered it last time. The good news is that we have tons of research that tells us how students learn best and we can cater our ed tech to do that.  And They specifically mention speed and retrieval practice and elaborations as techniques and you should look into those if you are unfamiliar. The overall idea is best summed up in the following quote. “The key is that research should be informing development from the very beginning of an idea for a product. And an evidence-based “learning engineering” orientation should continue to be used to monitor and iterate changes to optimize impact”.

Purdue Buys Kaplan –

Ed Tech Times reports on a very interesting ed tech deal in higher ed. Purdue has bought Kaplan University the online, for profit, part of Kaplan  Inc.  for 50 million dollars. I’m not sure if this is the first deal of its kind but it is certainly the first time ed tech weekly has reported on such an acquisition. It seems that Purdue had little to no online presence and needed to build one quickly and Kaplan has been struggling with the “for profit” designation and failure to reach federal gainful employment benchmarks. The deal is structured so that Purdue basically gets $10 million a year for 5 years and then they give about 12% of profits back to Kaplan after that $50 million has been paid. Purdue is also given some “ways out” of the contract should they not be getting the results they expect.

Caliper and Data –

An article from Ed Surge tells us about Caliper, which is a data and analytics system setup to share key student data across apps to help educators drive better learning outcomes. Caliper promises to do something new and exciting: It can make available sharing the data of students’ online activities, such as students’

  • answers to quizzes;
  • responses on worksheets;
  • views of videos;
  • clicks on interactive resources

It can also capture the exact start and stop times of each of the above activities. So, in conclusion, the real power is if a large number of ed tech companies use this protocol.

Teachers Share Ed Tech Successes –

And finally, Ed tech Times gives us 7 programs, sites, and organizations that are helping students cut down student loan debt. The most aggressive is the State of New York whose legislature recently enacted a plan where if a student attends the State College of New York or the City College of New York and their family income is below $100,000 they get the The Excelsior Scholarship.  The scholarship takes into account all other scholarships and financial aid and then pays the rest of the student’s tuition. It is important to note that it doesn’t go towards room and board but the plan should certainly help lower student debt.

4 Tech Teachers  –

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