Are Robot Teachers the Future? – Episode 71 – Ed Tech Weekly

Are Robot Teachers the Future? – Episode 71 – Ed Tech Weekly

Are Robot Teachers the Future? – Episode 71 – Ed Tech Weekly

Are Robot Teachers the Future?

In this episode, Ricky and Kristy talk about the Ed Tech news stories of the week including whether or not we should worry that robot teachers are going to replace human teachers.


Ed Tech News RunDown


Finnish Ed Tech Makes Waves

A story from Good News explains how Finnish Ed Tech is making waves internationally. They are challenging the norms of education using virtual reality and gamification. In the article they mention 5 Finnish startups that are attempting to create transformative learning solutions. Those startups are licensing apps to Scholastic, taking gamification to Brazil, and releasing a 3d app after an agreement with the Junior Library Guild. Check out the article to learn more about these companies. I think it is safe to say that the these Finnish companies aren’t finished innovating.(had to insert the pun… so many to choose from. #dadjokes)

Future of Coding Bootcamps

Tech Crunch brings us an insider’s take on the future of coding bootcamps. We all know, at this point, that coding is going to be a huge part of education moving forward but how exactly that is structured is evolving. The article focuses mainly on how the coding camps or courses are being funded and exactly what the desired or expected outcomes are. Since coding is such a hot topic there are many examples of coding camps being rushed to the market with high dollar amounts being thrown at them with little to no expected outcomes or even any user reviews. One of the more interesting things discussed is how individuals are paying for these bootcamps, from Taking out loans to paying only based on percentage of a salary you earn from completing the course. As companies rush to gain market share of this coding push, the future of coding education is certainly up in the air.

Virtual Courses for Working Professionals

New York Your City News reports on virtual courses for working professionals launched by Talentedge and XLRI. Online courses for working professionals alone is probably not news worthy but this platform is a little different. First, they are claiming this is a live classroom learning experience. Basically they say that this platform allows you to experience learning the same way you would in a face-to-face course. Unfortunately the article doesn’t go into great detail about how this is accomplished. They do, however, mention that tutors will know if a student is attending the class because they will take a live picture of the student every 5-10 seconds from the webcam. They will also be capturing all the data from clicks, textual activity, and facial recognition.

Are We Ready for Robot Teachers?

And speaking of creepy facial recognition… reports on a poll taken to find out if we are ready for robot teachers. To the delight of teachers, 92% of those polled believe that robots are no replacement for teachers. This is certainly a strong statement on how people feel about robots as teachers… or is it? If we look further into the poll, we find that people polled were given two choices. They had to choose between two statements. One saying that robots would be a good replacement for teachers because they are cheaper, unbiased, and efficient. The other saying that teachers cannot be replaced by robots because students need human interaction to learn.


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