Spring Break Woes – Episode 84 – Ed Tech Weekly

Spring Break Woes – Episode 84 – Ed Tech Weekly

Spring Break Woes – Episode 84 – Ed Tech Weekly

Spring Break Woes

In this episode, Ricky and Kristy talk about the ed tech news of the week and how for IT administrators can deal with Spring Break woes.

Ed Tech News RunDown


More For Your Ed Tech Dollar

E School News gives Ed Tech decision makers 4 surefire ways to get more for their ed tech dollar. They begin by referencing that while spring break is a signal for students and teachers that the year is coming to an end, it is a different signal for IT directors who may be wondering how they can get everything accomplished for next fall. They are hoping to ease some of the stress with these ways to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. 1) Use current technology to buy down the new fleet of devices. 2) Don’t Pay Cash – financing could help districts build sustainable plans. 3) Avoid summer doldrums – a period when many are looking to off load used devices. 4)Refresh in intervals – it may be overwhelming to do it all in the same month. If you are an ed tech decision maker/purchaser, I would check this article out. For me I found it interesting to think of the timing of a refresh and how it could add up to 10’s or 100’s of thousands of dollars lost or gained depending on how the refresh is done.

Computational Thinking, Not Just Coding

Our next article from EdSurge titled the 5th C of 21st century skills– Try Computational Thinking not Coding, begins by asking, Does current K-12 education equip every student with the requisite skills to become innovators and problem-solvers, or even informed citizens, to succeed in this world with pervasive computing?  Simply put, CT is “thinking (or problem solving) like a computer scientist” using analytic and algorithmic concepts and strategies to formulate, analyze and solve problems. The best way to teach it- in context.  The article gives examples of how to do this in all core areas. So, if you’re interested in taking coding and computer programming to the next level for 21st century skills, check out this article for some ideas on how to incorporate this into your curriculum.

Is Ed Tech Friend of Foe?

A blog on Brookings.edu asks whether Ed Tech in the classroom is friend or foe. While this questions has been asked many times and in various ways, this article highlights 3 main challenges researchers are unhappy with when it comes to ed tech results. They are 1) the lack of attention paid to the reliability and validity of measuring ed tech success and the lack of incorporating the science of learning. 2) Little evidence that ed tech even works, and 3) We don’t know enough about supporting teachers and students through self-directed learning. They conclude that ed tech initiatives need to be comprehensively developed and researched and we need engagement from all stakeholders to truly achieve benefits from ed tech.

15 Trends for 2018 in Ed Tech

Our next article from Ed Tech Magazine focuses on higher ed and as a result of a recent survey by Educause which surveyed their members came out with an infograph identifying 15 trends for 2018 in the higher ed world.  The top five are 1. Academic transformation, 2. Accessibility and universal design, 3. Faculty development, 4. Privacy and security and 5. Digital info and literacies. Check out the show notes to see the full list. On the top of the list was academic transformation, which will be driven by the need to create opportunities that meet the ways that students want to learn.


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